Monday, December 31, 2018

I've Fallen: a song for aging worship leaders

I think I've had too much time away this season.

This title struck me yesterday, and I wondered whether it was more apt for a new Rolling Stones release/tour, or a worship song for likewise aging worship leaders. Since I don't think I could write lyrics for the Stones . . .
I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Verse 1
My life was stuck in miry clay
            The net they set for me had sprung
            I lay there till the break of day
            And then, O Lord, you loosed my tongue—

            I’ve fallen (fallen) and I can’t get up [repeat]
            I’ve fallen (fallen) and I can’t get up without you.

Repeat V1 and C

            Lift me up
            Fill my mouth
            Set on me a crown of gold.

Verse 2
            I thought my foot had nearly slipped
            And then I tried to catch myself      
            If not for you I’d break a hip
            And put my life-plans on the shelf.

Repeat Chorus
Outro [ortho]

Chuck King 30 Dec 2018