Thursday, January 1, 2015

A feast for the soul

I won't even try to re-do the post from January 1, 2014. Every year it's the same . . . and this year it's different.

January 1, the 8th day of Christmas: the day (if not the date) when the baby, Jesus, was formally named. Though we don't know what day/date Jesus was born, the Bible is very specific about when he was named. And no normal "name day," either! Mary and Joseph named him under divine orders, and the witnesses were saints and prophets in the place God established for "God's name" to dwell. Here is a truly Evangelical Feast.

So, Happy New Year, and enjoy the football games, and make your resolutions. Me? I'm working on a low-key New Years Day which will probably involve a little bit of all that. But I can't shake the Festival aspect that the Church teaches me to stop and listen to. In these days of reflecting on Incarnation, I am thankful that the God who took on flesh was given a name both human and divine. A name above all names. A name before which all heaven and earth will bow. "Jesus" - the Lord God saves.

Oh, what a Wonderful Child!

For a good playlist, look back at last year's post. But for the song going through my head today, check this out. It is from a New York production of Langston Hughes' "Black Nativity." A little hotter than our Minnesota memories, but the closest I can find online.

And then there's this classic, obviously the model for the version we love from Penumbra Theater's production.

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chiplay said...

Chuck & family: Happy New Year! Listened to both Christmas songs - what a blast! All the best to you this year!