Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lessons and Carols, 7

When I plan a real Lessons and Carols, I put things together, let the plan sit, go back to reconsider, think about a balance of styles, etc. It occurred to me here that my choral selections have all been on the rather reflective side. Today should prove a bit more lively.

Seventh Lesson: Luke 2:8-16

Seventh Carol: A Babe Is Born All of a May
text: anonymous, ancient
music: William Mathias (20th century, England)
And yes, it really should be with organ!
 A babe is born all of a may, [maid]
To bring salvation unto us.
To him we sing both night and day.
Veni creator Spiritus. [Come, Spirit, creator]
 At Bethlehem, that blessed place, 
The child of bliss now born he was; 
And him to serve God give us grace, 
O lux beata Trinitas. [O light of the blessed Trinity] 
There came three kings out of the East, 
To worship the King that is so free, 
With gold and myrrh and frankincense, 
A solis ortus cardine. [from lands that see the sunrise (the east)]
A fair song that night sung they 
In worship of that child: 
Gloria tibi Domine. [Glory to you, Lord]
A babe is born all of a may, 
To bring salvation unto us. 
To him we sing both night and day. 
Veni creator Spiritus, 
O lux beata Trinitas, 
A solis ortus cardine, 
Gloria tibi Domine. 
Seventh Hymn: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

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