Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outed Parodist

There might be a more normal approach to take for my first Te decet hymnus post, post-College Church. I'll get around to that later. But this one is prompted by my being "outed" as a parodist, in a comment made by my senior pastor. To be fair, Josh was highlighting things he appreciated about me, and one exhibit was this little parody I wrote to honor a colleague's change of theological conviction.

"Jay" (we'll call him Jay for purposes of this story, because that is his name) was a diligent defender of credo-baptism (baptism should only take place upon a personal confession of faith). This on a staff and in a church where we also practice paedo-baptism (infant baptism). Jay's good-natured but ardent challenges to the paedo-baptists among us are legendary.

So it was a bit of a surprise when that conviction became a matter for personal study, and a huge surprise when he switched his view entirely. Well, there really was - nor is there yet - a better response than the following:

Baby Baptizer
dedicated to Pastor Jay Thomas
with apologies to Lennon and McCartney
sung to the tune of “Paperback Writer

Baby baptizer …

Dear Rev’rend Doctor, I have read your book,
It took me years to get, but I’m fin’lly hooked.
Based on a covenant it seems so clear,
Now I’m in your camp, and I want to be a baby baptizer.
Baby baptizer.

I would be like Calvin, Cranmer, Keller, too,
Wesley, Edwards, Packer – just  to name a few.
I can fin’lly get into that Cov’nant style,
I have changed around and I want to be a baby baptizer.
Baby baptizer.

Baby baptizer  . . .

It’s not the doctrine that I learned in school,
But my heroes do it, so I guess it’s cool.
Yeah, I used to diss it, but I’ve changed my mind;
You may be surprised, but I want to be a baby baptizer.
Baby baptizer.

I am really digging sacramental rites,
But it took some time, it wasn’t overnight.
I am still reforming, paedo-baptist here,
This is my big break, and I want to be a baby baptizer.
Baby baptizer.

Baby baptizer . . .

Baby baptizer – baby baptizer
Baby baptizer – baby baptizer

Chuck King © 2010 All rights reserved.

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kathryn said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... this is brilliant. :) Thanks for sharing it with the world.