Monday, July 7, 2008

Time away

Most of the past month has been spent away from the office. Only one week completely away from the computer, though. And the past two weeks would have been an excellent time to blog the way blogging was meant - as a web journal to process and report the stimulating Calvin College Seminar , "Christian Hymnody in Historical Perspective."

I spent non-seminar hours in a focused editing mode for the College Church hymnal - proof-reading texts whilst and at the same time applying editorial consistency to the texts. After 4 hours of seminar and up to 7 more at the computer, I guess journaling was the last thing I felt like doing. Oh well, at least now I have ample material for reflection and processing in this space!

Briefly, then:
The Seminar - an amazing opportunity to interact with others on the issues and texts and uses of Christian hymns. Dr. Edith Blumhofer is a skilled seminar leader and brought interesting guests in for each day's seminar and discussion.
The Campus - Calvin College really does hospitality well. From the little welcome bag in our apartments to the on-site seminar staff. Really a model operation.
The Surprises -
* Wednesday morning prayer: the ancient models for gathering together before the work of the day begins, still works. If I ever started a church or campus ministry, this is something I'd want to work into it. I have long felt this way, and it was reinforced by 2 very different morning prayer experiences.
* The degree and ways to which hymns and hymnody appear in academic scholarship.
* The small world that we live in ... connections continue to surprise and delight me.

More anon, as I continue to process this amazing experience and gift of time, focus, and accomplishment.

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